1 gram gold rate

Gold has been a timeless symbol of wealth and prosperity, captivating humans for centuries with its radiant beauty and enduring value. In the context of India, a nation with a rich history of gold trade and consumption, understanding the dynamics of the India gold rate today is of utmost importance for investors, jewelry enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the country’s economic pulse.

Gold rate today for 18 carat

DateWeight18Kt Gold Rate
09-Apr-2024, AM1 GramRs. 5,461.00
09-Apr-2024, AM4 GramsRs. 21,844.00
09-Apr-2024, AM8 GramsRs. 43,688.00
09-Apr-2024, AM10 GramsRs. 54,610.00
09-Apr-2024, AM1 TolaRs. 63,696.03
09-Apr-2024, AM1 OunceRs. 169,856.09
09-Apr-2024, AM1 KGRs. 5,461,000.00

22 Carat Gold rate today

*1 Gram*
*Apr 8, 2024*₹6,565.00
*Apr 7, 2024*₹6,535.00
*Apr 6, 2024*₹6,535.00
*Apr 5, 2024*₹6,415.00
*Apr 4, 2024*₹6,460.00
*Apr 3, 2024*₹6,410.00
*Apr 2, 2024*₹6,335.00
*Apr 1, 2024*₹6,360.00
*Mar 31, 2024*₹6,275.00
*Mar 30, 2024*₹6,275.00
CityRate / 1g
AhmedabadRs. 6,679.00
BhopalRs. 6,653.00
ChandigarhRs. 6,675.00
JaipurRs. 6,679.00
LucknowRs. 6,675.00
PatnaRs. 6,735.00
PuneRs. 6,653.00
Date1 Gram8 Grams10 Grams
09-Apr-2024 AMRs. 6,068.00Rs. 48,545.00Rs. 60,682.00
08-Apr-2024 AMRs. 6,059.00Rs. 48,473.00Rs. 60,591.00
07-Apr-2024 AMRs. 6,032.00Rs. 48,255.00Rs. 60,318.00
06-Apr-2024 AMRs. 6,032.00Rs. 48,255.00Rs. 60,318.00
05-Apr-2024 AMRs. 5,923.00Rs. 47,382.00Rs. 59,227.00
04-Apr-2024 AMRs. 5,964.00Rs. 47,709.00Rs. 59,636.00
03-Apr-2024 AMRs. 5,918.00Rs. 47,345.00Rs. 59,182.00
02-Apr-2024 AMRs. 5,850.00Rs. 46,800.00Rs. 58,500.00
01-Apr-2024 AMRs. 5,873.00Rs. 46,982.00Rs. 58,727.00
31-Mar-2024 AMRs. 5,795.00Rs. 46,364.00Rs. 57,955.00
30-Mar-2024 AMRs. 5,795.00Rs. 46,364.00Rs. 57,955.00
29-Mar-2024 AMRs. 5,818.00Rs. 46,545.00Rs. 58,182.00
28-Mar-2024 AMRs. 5,700.00Rs. 45,600.00Rs. 57,000.00
27-Mar-2024 AMRs. 5,668.00Rs. 45,345.00Rs. 56,682.00


Gold has always held a special place in Indian culture, revered for its financial value and cultural significance. From traditional weddings to auspicious festivals, gold is central to Indian celebrations and traditions. This article delves deep into the intricate world of gold prices in India, shedding light on the current rates, factors influencing these rates, and essential insights for buyers and sellers.

India Gold Rate Today: A Closer Look

The Indian gold rate today reflects the prevailing market conditions, global economic trends, and domestic demand-supply dynamics. As of [Current Date], the gold rate stands at [Current Gold Rate], making it a suitable time for individuals looking to invest or indulge in exquisite gold jewelry pieces.

Factors Influencing Gold Rates

Several factors contribute to the fluctuations in the Indian gold rate today. These include:

  1. International Gold Prices: Global gold prices play a pivotal role in determining the rates in India. Any shifts in the international market, owing to geopolitical tensions, economic policies, or inflation concerns, directly impact the domestic rates.
  2. Rupee-Dollar Exchange Rate: Since gold is priced in dollars globally, any changes in the rupee-dollar exchange rate can cause the gold rate in India to rise or fall. A weaker rupee often leads to higher gold prices.
  3. Domestic Demand and Supply: India is one of the largest consumers of gold, with demand surging during festivals, weddings, and other auspicious occasions. Fluctuations in this demand, coupled with domestic supply constraints, can influence the rates.
  4. Central Bank Reserves: Central banks’ decisions to buy or sell gold reserves can send ripples through the market, impacting gold rates.
  5. Inflation and Interest Rates: Gold is often considered a hedge against inflation. When inflation rises, investors may flock to gold, increasing prices. Similarly, lower interest rates can make gold a more attractive investment compared to bonds.

Buying and Selling Gold: Expert Tips

For individuals considering buying or selling gold, here are some expert tips to navigate the market effectively:

  • Research Thoroughly: Conduct a comprehensive study on current gold rates and trends before purchasing. Staying informed can help you make informed decisions.
  • Choose the Right Time: Timing matters in the gold market. Keeping an eye on global events and market trends can help you determine the best time to buy or sell.
  • Check Purity: When buying gold jewelry, ensure that you check the purity of the metal. The purity is usually denoted in karats (e.g., 24k, 22k). Higher karat indicates higher purity.
  • Consider Making Charges: Remember that making charges are often added to the cost of purchasing jewelry. Negotiate and understand these charges before finalizing the deal.


In the enchanting world of gold, the India gold rate today serves as a barometer of economic trends and investor sentiment. Whether you’re an investor seeking a stable asset, a bride-to-be shopping for bridal jewelry, or simply intrigued by the allure of gold, understanding the nuances of gold rates is crucial. By staying informed about global factors, market dynamics, and expert tips, you can make well-informed decisions in the ever-shining world of gold.

How Often Do Gold Rates Change?

Gold rates can change multiple times a day due to the various factors influencing the market, such as global trends, economic news, and geopolitical events.

Is Gold a Safe Long-Term Investment?

Yes, gold is often considered a safe-haven investment, especially during times of economic uncertainty. It has historically retained its value and acted as a hedge against inflation.

Are Online Gold Prices Accurate?

Online gold prices are generally accurate as they are updated in real-time. However, it’s advisable to cross-reference prices from reliable sources before making a purchase.

Why Does Gold Price Fluctuate?

Gold price fluctuations occur due to changes in supply and demand, economic indicators, central bank policies, and geopolitical tensions.

Can I Invest in Digital Gold?

Yes, several platforms allow you to invest in digital gold, which represents actual gold holdings. It provides a convenient way to invest without physical possession.

How Can I Check the Purity of Gold?

You can check the purity of gold by looking for hallmark signs on jewelry, which indicate its karatage and authenticity. You can also get gold tested at reputable jewellers.